Saturday, August 11, 2012

Traveling Psychosis - Be Careful, New Travelers

Traveling Psychosis, known as traveling mental disorders, is a common acute disorder occurs to travelers on the road. It is more common in the train passengers, and may lead to a vicious personal injury or even death. Affected by mental stress, excess physical fatigue, chronic hypoxia, insomnia, serious malnutrition and other factors, patients slowly run out of and finally lose both physiological and mental adaptability to environmental changes and an acute disorder of nervous breakdown and over reaction occurs as a result. As a special kind of mental disorder, Travelling Psychosis is produced by multiple factors in the medicine model of biology – psychology – society.

Traveling Psychosis has various symptoms and conditions, and generally has the following characteristics:

1. It begins suddenly and will not last long. Patients can get well completely.

2. The basic symptoms are performed as varying degrees of disturbance of consciousness, decrease of comprehension and judgment, negation of reason, naïve behaviors, behavior close to the original instincts, and afterwards forgotten or partly forgotten, etc.

3. Persecutory delusions is the most prominent and common symptoms;

4. Traveling Psychosis patients also showed psychomotor agitation or anxiety, such as speech and movement increased, laugh, cry, walk around, somehow the tension, a sense of catastrophe, restless and so on.

Traveling mental disorder is a transient mental illness, usually can be restored without special treatment with an average recovery period of 8 hours.

In order to avoid the Traveling Psychosis, experts recommend:

1. To avoid the travel peak.

2. Choose a more suitable environment for travel.

3. Travel with a friend if you have a very introverted and dissocial character.

4. Prepare well in advance of the trip, properly arrange for their trip, and ensure adequate rest and nutrition.

5. Keep your money and valuables safe. Loss of money and goods is one of the most important factors to leave you mental disordered.

6. Be good at communicating with people. They will help.

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