Wednesday, October 24, 2012

How To Keep Valuable Safe While Traveling

There are many things that we carry when we travel. In a small way we have things such as money, jewelry, keys, etc. at home is great we brought things such as passport, visa, etc. in spite of all this, there are credit cards, debit cards, traveler's checks and other such things. While traveling can be a fun occasion, much to look forward to, he also brings a lot of responsibility, notably carrying these things safely. The possibility of us forget where storing tall things, especially when we are busy with other things. Two main reasons for this is-the excitement and anxiety of the trip, and be somewhere new. In our House, we have designated a place where we keep our wallet, wallet, keys etc, so that we become accustomed to pick them up from the designated spots each day. However, it takes time to get used to the new place, and most often it's time to leave when we get used to it! So how does one bring valuables are safe while traveling?
Tips to take your Valuables are safe while Traveling

1. Distribute Money
Why? -So if you lose it (! Knock on wood) you will not lose it all
If you're traveling by yourself, distribute the money. Place the most (or a big piece) from the purse and put the wallet in a suitcase or bag your principal. I assume your bags are equipped with some type of lock-and-key system. Do not open the bar you until you reach your goal. Make a rough estimate of how much money you'll need on the trip, until you reach your goal. Add, say, $ 100 for it. To place this money in my wallet and carry it in your pocket. Take some of this wallet until you reach your goal. If you are traveling with someone, distributed the money amongst yourselves. However, the best thing to do is to travel on a budget.

2. avoid Wearing Jewelry
Why? -Well, it's pretty obvious ' why ', right?
Instead of wearing your jewelry, you can bring your jewelry at the bottom of a suitcase or bag. DO NOT carry it in your bag, just in case someone very quickly in nicking your wallet and steal it, or if you put your bag. A common tendency is to think that because the bag is always going to be in your hands, it will still be monitored and therefore secure. But I think other things like tickets, reservation details, telephone numbers, keys, etc., are all going to go in there. So you will often open up your wallet for something or another. What if you accidentally just drop it?

3. Hook the Keys
Why? -That you do not mistakenly put them
You get those keychains really well today which comes with a large dog-hook or carabiner. Use one of these to bring your key. You can associate a key chain, jeans or your bag. In this way, you won't forget the key in restaurants or other places. This is also a good way to bring the keys so that they can be accessed. You do not need to change your bag upside down and look through all your stuff to take your keys! It's there!

4. go for a Mini Backpack Purses
Why? -They are much easier to carry, they look stylish too!
Have you seen this? There is no? Google Now! They look very chic, classy, and smart. Plus, they are really comfortable to manage. The best thing to do is to sling duffel bag at the front, like a baby carrier, not on your back. Two great advantages – one, keep your hands free to carry your luggage and other things, and two, your bags are always monitored, practically under your nose! Keep your Passport, visas, and other documents that you may have to make often, in a duffel bag. They remain accessible and secure. Once you reach your destination, place your document will not need often in your suitcase. You risk losing documents if you carry them around.

5. Prefer Hard Cash
Why? -Lose your credit card can be really risky!
Yes, your credit card is a boon in more ways than one. But suppose, just suppose, you put your credit card. Now, it is possible for others to find and use it to his/her maximum benefit him when you even know You've missed it! If you lose cash, you lose only cash as much as you're carrying. But the missing credit card means money in your bank account is lost, then in actuality, you are left with only the cash You bring! Boy, oh boy, that hurts, especially losing A credit card

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