Saturday, June 9, 2012

Travel Writing - How to Write Travel Articles

Writing articles about traveling is really exciting especially if you love to see other places and meet new people. Here's how you can become a travel writer:

1. Travel. You can't just be a travel writer. If you want to be more effective in this field, you've got to go out and really travel. See as many places as you can. This will not only require a lot of energy but money as well. Ensure that you have enough before you board that plane.

2. Keep a notepad and pen handy. You really can't rely on your memory when you traveling so, it's better if you have something to use to jot down every thing that you think your readers might want to know about.

3. Don't forget the pictures. It's not enough that you tell your readers that the place you've been to is spectacular. You need to incorporate some visuals to engage these people. If you have the resources, I recommend that you invest on a high-end digital camera as pictures will make a huge impact on your articles.


Define your audience. Who are the people that you are writing for? Are you targeting those who are traveling on budget or those who can afford 5-star hotels? It's important that you know your audience early on so you'll know what information to share that will meet their needs and demands.

5. Offer tips. Don't just talk about tourist spots as your readers can surely find these information everywhere. Instead, offer some tips and your discoveries. For example, you can tell your readers the most affordable accommodation or the best restaurants in a particular place.

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